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The Day In-Between

Happy Easter Y’all!!!

I sit here writing this on the day in-between. The day after Christ’s death but before His resurrection, a day that can seem so dark. Can you imagine what His disciples were thinking and going through on this day? To many this day is not significant, to them the day He died and the day He rose are the significant days. For me this day is riddled with meaning.

Right now we are in a season of in-between. We are quarantined to our homes due to COVID-19. We sit in waiting, waiting for Him to move in elegance and sovereignty. I think it is the perfect time to share what today means to me and why I hold on to it when I am in my seasons of waiting, so here we go:

The enemy tries to keep you where you are!

Not much is in the bible about the day in-between. However, in Matthew 27:62-66  the chief priests and Pharisees met with Pilate to remind him that Jesus said; He would rise again. Pilate responded by putting guards at His tomb. They thought they were guarding the tomb from the disciples stealing His body and making a false claim of Him rising from the dead. Little did they know they were just validating that the only person that could have taken Jesus out of the tomb -on the third day-  was God!!!! See, the devil would use people and things to try to keep you from getting to your third day, BUT GOD!!! BUT once you continue to trust Him, GOD will use those tactics the devil used, to prove that only HE could have done what He is doing for you.

Be still!

Today, the day in-between, was actually the Sabbath, the day of rest (Mark 16:1, Luke 23:56). This says to me that while I am waiting I should be resting in Him. Anxiety and fear creep in when I am in my season of waiting and I have to remind myself that His promises are true and He will do what He said He would do! I also have to remind myself; He is God and He doesn’t need help. So often when God tells us about what He is going to do, we get tired of waiting and try to “help” by doing it on our own. Rest and move only when the Holy Spirit tells you to move!

Even when you don’t see it He’s working! 

When you are waiting you start questioning things. I am sure the disciples (well at least some)  started doubting Jesus was who He actually said He was. Forgetting that He said He will rise on the third day, forgetting all the miracles they had witnessed while He was with them. Remember, on this day all they knew was he was dead, nothing else was visible to them in the natural.  But God was working behind the scenes to bring THE ultimate victory. 

He is always with you!

When did the veil -that gave us ultimate access to the throne- tear? Not on the third day, but on the first day (Mat 27:51). To me this symbolizes, the day in-between, the disciples had full access to approach the throne of God, to worship at His feet, to talk to Him, to love on Him.  In the waiting, know that He is with you. He has not forsaken you! It may seem rough, it may seem dry but you have full access to God, to His throne, to approach Him with boldness. Don’t let the waiting go to waste, sit with Him, talk to Him, worship Him so when the third day comes you are more grounded in Him than ever before.

So perfectly loved one, as we all sit in this waiting period (and in any other waiting period) take heart:

  • The schemes of the enemy will not prosper, it will be used for your good and to give Him the Glory!

  • Be still and know He is God!

  • Even when you don’t see it He is working!

  • He is with you in the waiting. He has not left you or forsaken you.





Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash
Song: Promises by Maverick City

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