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I read a post the other day that said “My story is filled with broken pieces, terrible choices, and ugly truths. It is also filled with a major comeback, peace in my soul and a grace that saved my life.” I felt that in my soul! This is so true of my story, and that grace that saved my life compels me to tell my story.

I’m sure YOUR story is the same and it’s meant to be told. I wrote a blog post a while back called “Scarred Masterpiece” long and short of it is; not being ashamed of your scars but making it a part of your story for His Glory.

 We need to TELL our stories. Your story does not do anyone any good being bottled inside. Your story is meant to bring hope to the hopeless, but…







Telling your story brings a release and a joy that you could never get any other way. 

I remember the first time I told part of my story in a small group. I was terrified to tell it! It was my first time teaching and I knew I had a calling on my life to be a leader. What if my story made them lose respect for me or disqualified me in some way?! This thought and more filled my mind but I felt a strong need to tell it.

Can I tell you when I told my story you could literally feel the shift in the atmosphere. The girls in my group that day did not look at me from a “OMG, how can she be a leader in this group?” perspective. They looked at me like “OMG, I can relate to that and now I feel comfortable to share what I am going through”  It really was an empowering time and a time of healing for me maybe even more than it was for them.

I feel I need to add a bit of a disclaimer: Knowing how and when to tell your story is as important as the story itself. 

Sometimes the story is “gory” (trust me I know) but telling your story doesn’t always mean telling of the gory details to everyone. Sometimes it’s as simple as; “I went through a trauma that changed and broke me but Jesus mended my broken heart so that I can love and trust again.”  Sometimes it is telling a bit of the gore of the story. I think leaning into the Holy Spirit and using discernment and wisdom as to what to tell, how to tell it, when to tell it and to whom is VERY important. The impact that can be made by telling your story the right way at the right time rivals no other.

We are all storytellers!

The way we express our story may not be the same.  Some do it through craft, some paint, some sing, some write, some speak, some use beautifully eloquent words to paint pictures in people’s minds others are more straightforward. Your vehicle for telling it depends on you  and your gifts and talents. Once you are telling your story for His glory it will be okay. As long as you tell of the beautiful mercy and grace that brought you to where you are now.

We are called to bring hope to the hopeless and help save the lost. EVERYTHING we have gone through is part of our story and it builds a bridge to the lost and broken.

Your story doesn’t disqualify you from leadership, purpose, ministry or anything of the such, it is actually what qualifies you.

So tell your story and tell it well!


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