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Scarred Masterpiece

A while ago we did a series in church called Masterpiece. Bishop said something along the lines of; when an artist is creating a masterpiece you see the finished product, but you do not see the many iterations they have done and redone before they got it right. Hmmm… Not perfect but RIGHT.

 Masterpieces have “flaws” or  imperfections.  Perfection is subjective and overrated, imperfections give character and make a masterpiece what it is. For us these flaws are scars; these scars give character, they tell a story, they show that we went through something but we lived to tell the tale. God has given us the canvas, paints, and the brushes and our life is a masterpiece waiting to be painted.

One of the albums I have on repeat right now is Tori Kelly’s new album Hiding Place. I don’t think there is a song on there I don’t  like. If you haven’t listen to it yet, you are missing out. Anyway, today I want to reference her song “Sunday”. There is a part where she says “they don’t see my flaws or these hidden scars, and all the mess I’ve made” . How true is it that people don’t see our flaws, our scars, or our messes and think we are perfect. Why wouldn’t they? We are taught to put our best face forward, cover up our blemishes, put on our Sunday best, and grin and bare it. We have this false sense of thinking that being a Christian means being perfect or at least appearing to be perfect. But you know what? Pretending to be perfect is exhausting and I have decided I can use that energy somewhere else.

Life is made up of choices and each choice we make has a consequence. Some choices cause us deep wounds, other choices help heal the wounds. But what happens when we as Christians pretend that we never made those choices that cause wounds? What happens when we pretend the Christian life is so perfect that you can’t make mistakes? Well, what happens is, we alienate the people we are meant to bring to Christ. They look at us and think; “I can’t live that life, I am too messed up” or even they see through our “perfect” façade and think; “Being a Christian means being fake and I am not with it.” But you know what else happens when we pretend we are perfect and we make no mistakes? We minimize the God we serve and the fact that we don’t have to be perfect for Him to love us.  When we hide our scars we hide what HE has done to heal our wounds and put us back together again!

Our scars are our testimony. Every scar has a story and our story HIS Glory! God brought you from somewhere child, and without HIS grace you wouldn’t be here, healed and whole. So why not show that scar? Why not show that reminder that His grace has brought you through? Why not show someone else who maybe going through the same thing there is hope? It’s what we are called to do, we are hope dealers my friend. We are meant to tell the broken world there is hope in Christ. Only wounds need to be covered up. Actually, sometimes even wounds need to breathe as well to fully heal but that’s another story. Our scars are part of who we are now. They add beauty to the Masterpiece that is our life. The Masterpiece that is being painted with the brush strokes of our choices. When you look at the scars they remind you where you were but they should emphasize what you have grown into. Wear your scars proudly. When Jesus went to see the disciples after He rose, didn’t He show the scars in His hand as proof of what He had been through and even more so proof of who He IS? Then who are we to not show our scars? Proudly be the scarred masterpiece that you are loved one, be Imperfect yet Perfectly Loved!



Photo by Jeremy Galliani on Unsplash

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  1. Wow! That was powerful! Showing our scars proves that our God can fix the impossible! Well written Darcel💖

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