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Living Life with Expectancy

Hello 2020!

I know it’s beyond the middle of January, but hey the year is still somewhat fresh, so again I say…

Hello 2020!

Oh goodness I haven’t written in forever and I was beginning to think a lost it! Even if I did, God restores what we have lost right? So guess what?! It’s back and I am BACK! Hopefully with a lot more than when I started.

So on to the topic of this post… Living Life with Expectancy…

On January 1st I started a 365 day devotional that is about making the most of  your “now”,  and remembering to love people along the way. One of the devotions is about living life with constant anticipation for what God is going to do. Wow! You know when you read something then there is this beautiful moment of clarity? A bright light, and angels singing like the word was brought to you straight from heaven? Just kidding about the bright light and angels singing, but I did have a “Eureka!” moment though. Then I said to myself “YESSSSS! I want to wake up anticipating that God is going to do something great in my life today!” Why not? He is constantly working right? So I plan to stay in constant anticipation of the things He is going to do each day no matter how “small” they may seem. Truth be told if God did something, even if it’s something small, it’s leading to something big because He does nothing without purpose.

I love how God confirms things. It’s not always outright, sometimes you have to perk up your spiritual ears to hear it, but He always confirms it. Every year the Lord gives our Bishop a word for our church as it relates to the upcoming year and he delivers that message on New Year’s Eve. We at Abundant Life call it Word of The Lord (WOTL).

I am part of an amazing team that event manages at our church. So usually for WOTL I am running around during the service and I miss some parts and catch most but I can usually catch up on the Podcast the next day. This year I missed most and caught some. This year they posted it online almost a week later * sigh*. So when it was finally available online I already started my devotional and read the chapter on expectancy. When I was finally able to listen to WOTL guess what word came up again… Go on guess… Yup.. Expectancy! Whew chile…  if this isn’t confirmation idk what is!

When I first  made the decision to wake up with expectancy for what God is going to do every day, I was thinking about what He was going to do in my life. Then I thought about the fact that He uses us to bless others, to help heal others, to bring others to the saving knowledge of Him. Then I thought “I also want to live every day with the expectancy of what God is going to do through my life!”

Every day  I plan on waking up excited about what He is going to do in my life and excited about what He is going to use me to do. I plan on waking up every day expecting to see His Spirit move.

I know myself, and waking up in the morning is a struggle, far less for waking up excited! But I want to walk in miracles every day of my life and be expectant that He uses me to be a conduit of miracles for those who cross my path! So I know I have to be purposeful and intentional on this waking up excited and expectant thing until becomes 2nd nature. And I plan on doing just that, so join me as I live life with expectancy this year.


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