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Oh my goodness I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever. A series of things have distracted me from writing, some of these things I will write about later. Suffice it to say the enemy will use any and everything to take you off course and distract your from your vision and purpose but you have to stay focused. It feels good to be back! Anyway, on to the topic at hand…


Leadership has always been something that fell into my lap. Don’t get me wrong I am not boasting about this at all. I messed it up multiple times, especially when I was younger, not knowing what it meant or how to handle it. I ran from it as I got older, thinking it was too much responsibility and that I was not ready to lead anyone when my life wasn’t where I needed it to be. Now I am LEARNING to embrace it.

I will openly admit I still think leadership is scary. The thought of being responsible for other people and to know everything I do or step I take will be held to a higher standard  gives me legit adjita. Either way, the fact that no matter how I ran from it there it was, just confirmed to me that the calling on my life includes leadership. *shrugs* May as well embrace it.

So I am in the tooth cutting stage of  my leadership journey and needless to say I am learning a lot! I am so grateful for the ladies around me who are in a different phases of their leadership journey, who share their insight and allow me to learn from their mistakes. Thanks to them their ceiling is now my floor. I wanted to share a few of the core things I am learning on this journey.

Be transparent.

Don’t be afraid to show that you aren’t perfect. The people you are called to lead see you as more real and more relatable when you choose to show the real you flaws and all. Don’t be afraid that people are going to judge you when they call for prayer for a specific area at church and you go up. People are going to say what they want to say and infer what they want to infer regardless, so don’t be afraid to go up. Don’t miss your breakthrough because of pride or fear. Grant it there are times when we have to know when to join the prayer line or when to pray for people in the prayer line. Truth is when you pray wholeheartedly for someone you can also get your breakthrough. Be lead by the Holy spirit not by fear of being looked at like we aren’t perfect because either way we aren’t. 

Lead with your spirit not your mind.

Your mind and emotions play tricks on you but your spirit is connected to the true navigation system, the Holy Spirit. Sometimes situations look and feel the same way on the surface and you are quite tempted to handle them the same way. If you handle situations based on your head knowledge and emotions, you are very likely to mess it up. Your head, emotions, or your previous experiences do not see the unseen. I am not saying to discount your prior experiences, these prior experiences are part of what builds your root system and helps you to become a great leader. What I am saying is let your spirit be the pilot and your mind and prior experiences be the co-pilot and the Holy Spirit be the GPS.

Have a circle of advisers.

You are going to have moments where you have an idea or a thought that you want to run by someone. You may even have a situation where someone you are mentoring brings something to you that you don’t know how to handle. You aren’t expected to know everything (it’s okay to say I don’t know) but having resources to find the answer is key. Make sure the circle around you is strong and is a good mix of mentors, teachers, friends and peers. Don’t be afraid to run new ideas through them and ask for insight, and be willing to do the same for them. Also, part of leadership is knowing when to lead and when to take the backseat and follow. Leadership doesn’t mean you aren’t still learning and it doesn’t mean you aren’t still following.

You will mess up! Admit it, learn from it, move on.

On the note of still learning; know that you are going to make mistakes. The first thing to do when you do make a mistake is admit it. Acting like it never happened or covering it up does more harm than good. You also need to learn from it, to be an effective leader you have to learn from your mistakes (and from the mistakes of others) it’s called growth. Lastly on this topic, MOVE ON, dwelling on the mistake does not help anything. It only hinders you from moving forward.


There are a lot more things I have learned but these were on my heart to share. What is the most important thing you have learned as a leader? Comment below or share this post with your most important leadership lesson.


Till later~


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