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Community – Life is Better Together

Earlier this year, my church was getting ready for our annual Easter play. I event manage for the church alongside an awesome group of women. We went to the dress rehearsal to understand what the flow was so that we were ready for the production nights. Many of the cast members had kids who were there as well. I looked around the sanctuary and my heart was filled with joy because I realized how much I loved the sense of community in our church. The kids were running around playing while rehearsals were going on and the cast members didn’t have to worry about them because the rest of us had them. We were changing diapers, feeding little ones, and everything. This was all without being asked. This was all because, we are a community, we help each other out, we are the village. We knew the play was bigger than just a play, it was Kingdom business.


Community is so important! We weren’t meant to do life alone!  Not even Jesus did life alone, He had the apostles.


When I first got back onto the path of walking with Christ, I decided to join a small group. There were a few groups to choose from, but I decided to join this particular group because I felt drawn to the leader. Going in, I didn’t really know anyone in this group, I met some of them in passing but I didn’t really know them. This had to be God leading me into this small group because I did not like going places where I didn’t know at least one person really well. I went in a bit apprehensive but I was open.


Let me tell you, joining that group was one of the best choices I have ever made. Here are three main things that came out of it:

1. I learned I wasn’t alone! Sitting in the group listening to other young women speak, I had many “Oh My Gosh! Meeeee tooo!” moments. You know those moments where you realize you are not alone in something you have been struggling with. That devil character makes you think that you are alone in a struggle. He makes you think that you should be ashamed of your struggle and so you keep it hidden and covered up. As one of my favorite Ministers says “Nothing good grows in the dark.” This small group made me shed light in many areas and helped me to get healing!


2. Relationships. I am not speaking about romantic relationships here but sisterhood. Being in the group helped me to build christian friendships and relationships. I have forged relationships with many of the ladies from this group. Each of these relationships has its own unique value and merit.  Two in particular I want to point out: When I got to the group I realized that my roommate from a conference I had gone to, also went to that very same small group. What a coinkydink! J/K this was no coincidence at all, this was orchestrated by God. Our friendship continued to grow while in that small group and even now after. Also I officially met my now best friend there  (we actually met before that, but she doesn’t remember -__- ) Both of these ladies I trust and can confide in and they can help build me up. I love and appreciate each lady I met in that group.


3. Leadership training. I received my first leadership opportunity at the church while in that group. I got tricked into it actually. I didn’t even know they were training me up to be a leader until they officially asked me to be an assistant leader and I realized most of what I had to do I had already done at some point while being in the group. But it’s all good, I honestly don’t know if I would have said yes to being a leader if they didn’t do it the way they did LOL. I learned so much in that time and I even got the opportunity to teach some of the lessons using my own experiences as examples. What a humbling opportunity.



Your walk with Christ is yours alone to walk but God puts other people on paths adjacent to yours and sometimes your paths merge. We are meant to learn from each other, build each other up and love on one another. God did not create us to live alone. He created family, mentors, leaders, friends etc. for us to do life with. Life is better together! Who are you doing life with?



Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash


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