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Who is Speaking Into Your Life?

Words bring life or death, words become what you believe and they are part of why you live your life the way you do. Words can build you up or break you down. Bottom line, words have a lot of power. So you have to be careful who you are listening to and whose word you believe for your life.


Let me tell you a story:

Not long after I had recommitted my life to Christ, God had given me vision. He gave me a picture of myself telling my story to a group of women, ministering to them, showing them where God brought me from and more importantly where He was taking me. I was telling them about what I went through, teaching them that they didn’t have to go through the same things, and letting them know there was hope if they did. I was speaking out what God told me to tell them. The details of how and when weren’t yet revealed,  but I knew God was giving me a platform. He gave me a colorful picture that was full of life. A picture that had to come from Him because the me in me wouldn’t dare think about being on a stage (I don’t like public speaking).


*Fast forward to a while later* (the fire was still inside of me for what He had shown me)


I was speaking to someone – I don’t remember exactly what we were speaking about or why this topic was  brought up – and I remember what they said to me like it was yesterday. They said something along the lines of; ministry wasn’t for me, they mentioned someone close to me and said ministry is their gift but not mine. This person continued to tell me that my area was behind the scenes taking  care of those who were ministering.


Man, that hit me hard, I was so discouraged I literally cried all the way home. I started asking God if He had really shown this vision to me or if it was just me putting this into my own head. I was so confused. To clarify, I did not think I would become a minister in the official sense. When I am speaking here about ministry, I am speaking about sharing my story and telling about God’s love and reaching the lost and broken. Maybe the person I was speaking to meant minister in the official sense, who knows, the point is; I allowed what they said to cloud the vision God had given me.


My vision that was so full of color and life was now faded and distorted. I believed it for a while, I believed the box this person had put me in was where I was supposed to be. The vision I had was just a concoction of my imagination and nothing else. This was easy for me to believe because:

  1. It was spoken from the mouth of someone who I believed was put into my life to speak over my life at the time.
  2. Being in the background was my default way of being (I think I have mentioned quite a few times and this is only my second post; I hate being in the spotlight). It was an excuse to stay in my comfort zone.
  3. At the time I struggled with knowing if God was speaking to me or if it was my mind was playing tricks on me.


It took a long time to get back to the place where this vision was vivid again. God kept speaking to me in different ways but I kept doubting. It wasn’t until He had someone give me a word that had to be directly from Him. The person told me some things that they would have no way of knowing except through God. Part of what they told me was that I had to stop thinking it’s me and not God, it was God speaking through me. And just like that the fire for what He had shown me was back and the seed for this blog started sprouting!


It’s funny, God used a person speaking into my life to restore what another person “speaking into my life” had distorted. God’s funny! I just love Him!


In all of this He showed me what allowing the wrong person to speak into your life can do and what the right person speaking into your life can do. When the wrong person speaks into your life it brings confusion and discouragement. When the right person speaks into your life it brings peace and a fire for what you need to do. When the wrong person speaks into your life it goes against what the Holy Spirit is showing you or will show you. When the right person speaks into your life there is always confirmation from the Holy Spirit.


Many times people mean well with the things they say but that doesn’t mean what they say is what God is speaking over you. Things that are opposite to the very basics of Christianity are easy to spot as wrong. On the other side, there are some things that seem like they are legit but they may not be for us. Not every good thing is a God thing but every God thing is a good thing.


Here are some guidelines I have learned:

  • Spend more intimate time with God. The more time you spend with someone the more likely you are to know their voice, it’s no different with God.
  • Ask God for the spirit of discernment to know who the wrong person is; but more importantly who the right person is and let them speak life and light into you.
  • Guard your heart and vision! People are still going to speak whether you asked their opinion or not. Don’t allow the wrong person’s words to soak into your mind and heart and distort the vision God has given you.
  • Don’t allow your spirit to absorb anything anyone says to you that God has not confirmed. The Holy Spirit always brings confirmation.
  • Don’t allow any person’s words to be louder and bigger than God’s words. What God tells you is yours don’t let anyone else’s thoughts override what He has said.


Remember; YOU have the power over what words you allow to take up residence in your life. YOU hold the responsibility of who you allow to speak into your life.

’till later,


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  1. “Many times people mean well with the things they say but that doesn’t mean what they say is what God is speaking over you.”
    So true. I needed to read this post.

  2. THIS !!
    “Never allow anyone’s words to be louder than Gods “ .. gurl you done said a mouthful and that’s just one of the “nugget truths” in this post !!
    Thank you and keep letting Him speak thru your pen ❤️

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