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In the Moment

So I love learning moments with God. Learning moments help prepare you for teaching moments. Learning moments are moments of intimacy. Learning moments increase your awe of God. What’s not to love about them?


Last week I went to Publix to grab lunch, they have this Strawberry Summer Salad that makes me want to dance. Don’t judge me, I’m not greedy I’m just a food connoisseur. Anyway, back to the topic of today’s post: I was in the parking lot of Publix and I heard someone call me. I turned around to see a gentleman and as soon as I looked at him he put his hand up as in to say “I don’t mean any harm”  and quickly said “I am sorry to bother you, I just came from an interview and I am really hungry. I am not asking for money, but can you please buy me something to eat.” I quickly smiled and said okay I’ll give you $5 and I handed it to him and was on my way.


When I drove off I started praying for him. Then the Holy Spirit said to me “Why didn’t you ask him to pray with him right there and then.”  *yikes* I couldn’t come up with a reason as to why. It wasn’t even a super busy day, I had time. I could have prayed with him when I gave him the money. I could have even gone back into the store with him and bought him something to eat. I could have spent some time showing him some kindness and God’s love. I even started thinking “what could $5 buy anyway?“ Then I started feeling guilty that I didn’t make sure he had something substantial to eat. That guilt about the amount of money was a distraction from the real issue, the real learning moment.  The real lesson here was to take the time out to show God’s love and power in the now.


So often someone tells us about what is going on in their life or we see something and our response is “I will pray for you” or “I will keep you in my prayers”  and pencil it in to do later. Let’s be completely honest here; sometimes we forget. I am not saying adding someone to your prayer list is wrong at all. What I am saying is; when we have an opportunity to, why not pray for them in that very moment then add them to your list to continue to pray.


Our ultimate role model, Jesus, was in the moment!  The miracles He did were in the moment. When the woman with the issue of blood touched Him, He didn’t say “Oh girl that’s rough, but God never gives us more than we can handle. I’ll pray for you.” No! He told her her faith had made her whole. He took ahold of the situation right then and there and used His authority. Why are we not as quick to do the same? She also acted in the moment, it’s like she said to herself “I am going to get my healing”. I believe she was tired of waiting.


What if someone else is waiting for you to do something in the moment? What if your faith to act in the moment can make someone else whole?  We are called to greater things than Jesus did. So I challenge you today, don’t just pray for that stranger that you feel that tug on your heart for in the grocery store. Ask them to pray WITH them in that very moment. You have the authority to take control of any situation. Make the devil shake in his boots because he knows when you leave the house the people you encounter will encounter Christ right then and there.

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  1. Wow, thanks for making me think about getting out of my comfort zone!!! I just got comfortable talking about my faith and telling people that I would pray for them. 😉 Thank you for listening and learning so you can pass along (teach) us!!!!

    1. No problem Missy! That’s what community is for, so we can teach and help each other. We were never meant to do this thing called life alone.

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